Thursday, 22 September 2011


Frugal Queen, a champion UK blogger often uses something called Quorn in her cooking. It is suitable for vegetarians and made from mycoprotein(fungus), egg white and barley malt extract. High in protein, very low in salt and fat and no cholesterol so it will be a great product for our health too.

Three weeks ago I 'went off' meat as well as coffee, Vegemite and cheese so we've been having many more vegetarian's Spring here now fresh, light food is so much more appealing than meaty stews. Over the years I've made many vegetarian meals and only eaten very small portions of meat and chicken. With a coming rent rise in November that will push us under the Poverty Line for the first time in my adult life I am keen to further reduce the grocery bill.

This is the Quorn mince, a 300gm bag costs $5 in Coles in the freezer section. There's no need to defrost it and it cooks quickly.

I made Chilli con Quorn last night with lots of dried chillies, corn and red kidney beans and it was really very good. One bag of Quorn used this way will easily make 4 meals. We had some with leftover potatoes and will finish it off today.

                                                                                                                                                                       I asked about this product at the Down To Earth forums and Shelagh and another friend in Ireland said they enjoyed the mince but not the patties and burgers. Too cardboardy was the verdict!

Have you used it yet? Do you have other vegetarian meals that are firm favourites at your house?

Have a wonderful day,
Love, Sue

Hope your day at golf goes well, Mum, and you keep dry! I love you!


  1. I sat down yesterday with some of my cooking books and started making a list of vegetarian recipes. I wrote the list with the book name and page number, so the recipe is easy to find. I am going to make a folder with just vegetarian recipes in.

    We will still eat fish and seafood though because it is so good for us...just going to cut down on the red meat mainly. Are you going to be eating fish Sue?

    I made chickpea patties yesterday to have for tea/dinner. We had them on a multigrain roll with salad, just like a hamburger and some homemade chips...YUM! I have also used veggie burgers (just grated veggies/flour and egg) the same way...

  2. Hi again Tania.

    I too made a long list of suggestions as after making meat based meal forever thinking up veggie options was a bit more difficult.
    I have the Charmaine Soloman Vegetarian Cookbook and love her Brown Rice and Walnut loaf.I'm just enjoying a Bean and Mushroom Curry and made some great Bean Burgers which I'll share soon.
    I do enjoy fish very much and love tofu in a nice marinade and then stir fried. I'm still loving eggs too and make hard-boiled ones in a variety of sauces.
    Can you get to a library? There are some wonderful books in ours as well as lots of really good web sites.
    It's good to know you are just starting out on this too and we can help each other along.

  3. Hmmmm looks so tasty in the frozen state.....LOL
    Honestly does it taste alright? I'm really turned off by all that manufactured vegetarian food. I use to eat pretend meat products until I came to my senses and read the ingredients list. You can't get more processsed than a piece of 'Not Meat'.

    I'm planning on making vegetarian rolls soon, so if thats a winner I post the recipe.

  4. Another delicious rich source of protein recipe! Thank goodness they introduced the product in Singapore!