Saturday 3 December 2011

Friends, Old and New

Yesterday I told you that I was going out for lunch to meet up with Carol and Sue who I first played soccer with 40 years ago, and to meet a new forum friend, Mandy. We met at Carol's sister's house, Julia and their lovely Mum, Ann, were there to greet us. We had cold chicken, 3 different salads, Carol's arancini(rice balls), cheese and onion flan, soft bread rolls, guacamole and corn chips and Carol had baked mince pies and genuine parkin, we all really enjoyed it and giggled at Julia's dog, Mickey, who was snoring loudly under the table!

Here are Carol, Sue and I nearly 40yrs ago, we didn't just play soccer together but went every-where together too...Sue, myself and to Perth every Saturday morning!

Carol and Sue are second and third from the right and I am in the middle...and here are Mandy and I yesterday, Carol took a lovely photo...

We have another hot day in store, 36C, I can see a lot of knitting and cricket watching in my day!

Hope you have a really lovely weekend,
Love from Sue


  1. Hi Sue, thank you for coming over to visit on my blog! Yes I have been very busy; but it's all coming along really well. I have just posted more photo if you would like to see just how it is looking!!!
    I hope you have a great day! It is so wonderful to catch up with friends; God has so blessed us with the gift of friendship!
    {hugs & blessings}

  2. Fabulous photos! So glad you enjoyed the day.

    Would you ask Carol if her arancini recipe is shareable and if there are any tricks to putting it together? I've never tried it.

  3. I would love to see your Rose plates Sue, they sound lovely!