Saturday 16 April 2022

My Library Bag

About 10 yrs ago I re-purposed a large pair of jeans to make this very strong library bag, it's been used all the time and doesn't yet show any signs of wear. Such a tough material.

I'm not sure why by the embroidery bug bit me again recently and I grabbed this bag to use to practice on, a sampler if you will. I had some DMC Perle 5 threads left over and started stitching encouraged by a Fb group called Mindful Stitching and the sheer pleasure of adding a random and very colourful pattern. There ended being 14 different stitches used and I did took about 8 weeks altogether, just filling in the canvas and trying new techniques.

 It's very relaxing and I highly recommend giving it a go. I've also added some colour to several pairs of my own jeans...just for fun!

1 comment:

  1. That bag is lovely. It's got me thinking about an old pair of jeans. They'd make a nice bag . I haven't done embroidery for years but love that free flow. I'd enjoy making a colourful pattern like yours.
    Well done