Sunday 17 November 2019


Hi every-one, I haven't been blogging as my dear Dad(86) is rather ill now and I am taking him to chemotherapy and lots of medical appointments the words of a friend 'I haven't got time to scratch myself!"
It didn't help that I got locked out of here either lol!

I've been knitting more than ever as it does really relax me so I'll just add some photos for my record as much as anything. A Lily dress from Tikki on Ravelry...

A cardi made with King Cole yarn and pattern...

An acrylic lap rug/afghan for a grandson...I am going to make each Aussie grandchild something similar...

Gardening is nice in Spring(we had a record for November 40.4C in Perth yesterday)

BBQ any-one?

Elizabeth and David helped me establish  a raised garden bed over Winter...the tomatoes cover the whole bed these days...

We lost Joe's Mum on August 1st, to 'old age' I suppose you'd call it. Maman(86) made me very welcome in the family although with my lack of French and her lack of English our chats were very brief. Her ashes were taken back to Gaspe where she was born in Quebec Province.

So that's us for now...I miss even reading every-one's blogs so please forgive my lack of comments...things will change once again...swings and roundabouts of our lives, eh?



  1. Wondered where you were!
    Hope all goes well with the chemo.
    I can just imagine how busy you are.
    Wonderful knitting as usual. I'm crocheting blankets for all of my grandchildren but mine a far more 'rustic'. I use whatever leftover colours I have. Yours is beautiful.
    Keep well

  2. Good to hear from you, Sue. It sounds like you have been busy. Your knitting is lovely as usual. I heard you had a really hot day over there. That heat will arrive here on Wednesday I believe. We have fires around us so the fire fighters won't be pleased that there is more heat on the way.

  3. I hope your dad's chemo treatments go well, Sue.
    I'm sorry to hear about your MIL's passing.


  4. sorry to hear that your dad is unwell, hope it all works out in the end & he has a speedy recovery

    your knitting looks lovely & is the best therapy too!
    raised gardens are practical i think as we get older, i know i am finding it harder to bend down to the ground these days!
    take care of yourself too
    thanx for sharing

  5. Sorry about your dad having to go through Chemo, hope he is tolerating it well. Sorry also for the loss of Mom-in-law. Despite hardship we try to have a Merry Christmas and rejoice in the birth of Christ. Some day he will set all straight. Blessings to you and your family.