Monday 24 June 2019

Curtis's Pumpkin Soup et al

The two big supermarkets here publish a free monthly recipe book using products they sell. I don't always pick it up but this month Coles had slow cooker recipes and a chorizo, pumpkin and white bean recipe by an Aussie chef named Curtis Stone.

My adaptation
1/3 cup chopped chorizo...and seriously any tasty meat or mushroom etc will work(sage leaves?)

large chopped onion and carrot
5-ish cups of chopped pumpkin
3 chopped garlic cloves
drained can of white beans
1/2 cup cream or sour cream
salt and pepper

saute the meat and remove from pan
saute onion and carrot, then garlic and pumpkin
add 1/3 cup of beans
cover with water or chicken stock
cook until tender, blend and season well
add the cream and the rest of the beans and heat through
To serve sprinkle with the fried chorizo or mushrooms
Bon appetite 

We bought a Sunbeam Pie Maker recently and have been enjoying some delicious home-made pies, simple make a thick 'stew' or pie filling and the pies cook in under 15 minutes without having the big oven on for ages.
My two elder grandson are flat-sharing these days...I packed up a couple of hot meals for starves on my watch...I spent a whole $10 at the op-shop on 2 Pyrex dishes/platters, the big pasta bowl you can just see here and 4 kitchen utensils. These pies are a chicken, potato and corn mix...

These meat and tatie pies were my all time favourite as a child in Lancaster and Morecambe, I had no idea they were a local treat...I thought the whole world must love them nearly as much as me! Elizabeth and David were most appreciative lol

I finished little Darcie's cardigans, the second one looks a bit lop-sided unfortunately...I hope she is too busy running around for (m)any people to notice! Those wooden buttons come from Spotlight and at $2 for 6 are very good value...she will love the little hearts...

Off now to drop Joe at the podiatrist's and take Dad to the shops
No rest for the wicked!


  1. Mmmm pies. Love them!
    Great knitting. Looks good to me.

  2. Sounds like a lovely soup! Thanks for including recipe! Those Lancashire pies looks awesome!! Darcie will surely love her beautiful sweaters made with love! I like those heart buttons, they are sweet.

  3. Sue, The little cardigans look beautiful Sue. We now have very new twin grandchildren, who will be living in the chilly Falklands, so I am thinking I need to do some easy knitting for them.Do you think yours is an easy pattern, without the stripes, ha, ha?The pies look delicious. Best wishes, Pauline

  4. Sue, I wish I could knit as well as you. Those cardigans are beautiful and look so warm for little ones.

  5. The soup looks delicious. Thank you for the recipe, Sue.