Tuesday 4 June 2019

Best Laid Plans?

Well my plan to post far more often came unstuck right away as plans often do...while visiting my neighbour Vera who has COPD the nurse came and said she needed to go to the doctor right away for medications. So I phoned and arranged to take her in at 2.30pm. V is so very frail now so needed a wheelchair etc but we got in quickly and were home again soon with her meds. I'm learning how to turn oxygen tanks on and off these days too and she seemed fine(ish) when I left her but later that night the ambulance was called to take her back to hospital. So sad.

Thursday was quiet so nothing to post at all' oh yes there is...I saw both Cody and Jacob and got a kiss and hug from both of them <3. On Friday I took Dad shopping, he'd arranged to take his neighbour, another Vera, with us but when we got to her house she'd gone on her own in a taxi, old age is hard work you know?

As I was knitting on Friday afternoon with the front door open I realised that some-one was smoking cigarettes nearby but didn't get up to close the door until the 3rd fag was lit...I had no idea but after starting with bronchitis in the early hours of Saturday morning I know realise it was the smoke and not a cold as we'd thought. I used an inhaler to break up the phlegm in my chest but I was exhausted and spent most of 3 days lying on the settee trying to get warm.
This morning I looked on-line to see if my suspicions were correct and this article sums it up perfectly...

Visual Guide to Bronchitis 

I rarely catch colds these days but am prone to bronchitis when I do; this is a first to have it from an environmental source so I wanted to record it here. My first bout was aged 3months probably made worse by both parents smoking indoors as people just didn't know better in the 1950s . I feel a million times better today thank goodness but will have to take more care to avoid smoke etc from now on.

Most of the family have already had influenza vaccines last month as a particularly dangerous form of flu is out and about...4,000 Australians are expected to die of complications this Winter, that's hard to comprehend.

Never take your health for granted is all I can say...hope you all have a wonderful week

Oh and keep ready cooked food in the freezer for just such occasions!
Love Sue


  1. I hope you are all well now, Sue. And your neighbor too.

    Stay warm. XX

  2. Hoping you are feeling better now Sue. Also hope your neighbour is okay too. I am a bit concerned about the horrible flu, I usually manage to avoid it so fingers crossed I continue to do so.

    I have been able to blog everyday, but not sure how long I can keep it up. It is a week tomorrow since I decided to do this, so that would just about be a record for me.

    Take care of yourself xxx

  3. I'm so sorry that your daughter is having such a hard time. That must be very painful for both of you. I am so grateful to live in a smoke free environment! I love the fresh air...

  4. Wish I could make some meals for you! Praying to God he gives me the money to come visit you and dad in Australia one day!