Wednesday 18 January 2012

I'm Really Struggling

It should have been a really happy week with Phoebe turning 30yrs of age on Monday. We both hope you had a happy day despite the stress you are under, let's hope this year becomes very special for you.

Instead, Austin(b.21/12/11) has been in the Ottawa Chn's Hospital since last Saturday with severe a respiratory are Gerry's words from yesterday...Austin was moved into the ICU Unit....

"Poor little guy's really struggling to breathe now, hardly drinks at all, losing weight and losing complexion; you can see he's exhausted :( Doctor came in to see him and said he wasn't looking good: ya think?! So she ordered an IV to get him hydrated and blood work, urine sample (which means catheter) and a brain fluid sample to make sure we're just dealing with the RSV gettin worst and not an additional infection or other hidden problem. So the poor little guy, much to Shawna's dismay and near horror, spent a couple hours getting poked and prodded with needles and tubes while all this happened... Unfortunately, I couldn't get a replacement for me at work so booking off might've caused more trouble than I care to deal with, otherwise I'd gladly be there thru the night for Shawna and Austin... At least Austin's sleeping now. He rally was exhausted. It's really sad to see him struggling so hard just to breathe - keep hoping he can stay strong and doesn't get too tired or too weak for the effort it takes him to breathe :(
Funny how 4 days on 4 hours sleep doesn't matter to me right now: I just wanna be there for my son. Hoping he can somehow feed off of my strength to keep going, to make it thru this."

This was Gerry's text message 8 hours ago...

update: he hasn't reached the worst of it yet n he's already getting too tired n weak to keep going so doctors will put a tub down his throat along with the CPAP to basically give him artifical breathingand they will sedate him for 36 to 48 hours to let him rest a little bit of strength while he goes thru the worst of the virus which is estimated to be in the next two days :( SENT AT 1:13pm

Please keep Austin and his parents in your thoughts and prayers.

On the same day, Priscilla had to drive to Toronto (6hrs each way) to a 10am appt believing she was going to be told she has Gorlin's Syndrome. The truth is jaw-dropping, she actually has a children's cancer, a neuroblastoma which is the same type of cancer that young Cassie(4) has just been treated for over the last 2 years. Cassie is a distant cousin of Joe's. Looks like chemotherapy will be the preferred treatment and a meeting will be organised in Ottawa which is so much better than travelling to Toronto. The x-rays Priss had 2 weeks ago weren't conclusive to Gorlin's Syndrome so she will have blood tests too. She was also told she needs home help around the clock from now on. 

Life certainly takes quick turns at times, doesn't it?

Will be back when I have more news or have settled a sure doesn't feel like the time for recipes and chit-chat.

Hope your week is going much better,
Love from Sue


  1. Good heavens, Sue! Keeping you and your family in my thoughts. This is a lot to take on.

    Lots of Love,

  2. Oh Love!

    Saying lots of prayers here for your family


  3. I'm so sorry to hear your news Sue. I think we should turn back the clock and start 2012 again.

    Wishing you and your family all the best, sending all my love,

  4. Love and light to you all dear Sue. Keeping you all in my thoughts and a candle is lit xxox

  5. I knew there was good reason you were on my mind... love and prayers your way as always xx

  6. Oh Sue, I'm just doing my blog reading now and have read all your news. I'm thinking of you and Joe and all the family. Hugs

  7. Thank you all for your encouraging and supportive day at a time eh?

  8. It is at times like these, we think we walk alone. And we think why should one family have to endure so much heartache. But it is, at times like these, we realise we are not alone and that family, friends and God are with us and helping us by praying, thinking, sending energies and supporting us in whichever way they can. It gives us strength and that pushes us on. I am thinking of you Sue and your family and in my way, send love and prays to your family to get well. Take it slowly, much love! Deb

  9. Prayers and hugs Sue xx I'm tearing over reading the message about Austin, bless him. You are your family are in my thoughts today xxx

  10. Sorry to hear this sad news about Austin Sue.

    Sounds like your family is having a really rough trot, not a good start to the year at all, I hope it passes very soon.

    Sending love and prayers for the little man and all his adoring family xx

  11. Dear Sue, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family at this very difficult time. Lots of Love and hugs, JoyK xxoo

  12. Even though we will never meet, I am holding your family in my thoughts and prayers. My strength is there for the little chap to use, I have enough to share with him xx