Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Photos of Twitch

You may have already seen these photos of our lovely bunny, Twitch, on Facebook but here they are in case you haven't. Yesterday I (tongue in cheek) promised proof of Twitch's genius....well here it is.....she toilet-trained herself! I place some sheets of newspaper where she generally went to the toilet, topped them with a piece from her cage that she'd already wet and it was instant toilet training! She always uses it now when she's inside, which is most of the day. I leave the back door ajar and she comes and goes as she pleases but I do go outside with her just in case a cat comes calling or she gets into the basil pot again!

After a nap she needs her lunch, note the 2 feet in the bowl holding it steady, she needs a heavier dish...

and I need a rabbit-proof fence....

Twitch's words were,
  • "it was a Learning Journey. First I stood on my tippy toes and nibbled what I could reach. Next I hopped into the tomato pot on the right and could reach lots. Last of all, caution to the wind, I hopped into the basil, was photographed(for my 21st) and then lifted back onto the grass. One to Twitch. Zero to Mum"

I do hope you enjoyed these photos of our Little One, she almost 3 months old and a delight to have around.
Have a terrific Tuesday,
Love from Sue


  1. Does she run the house? If it's anything like my house, the animals and children are the bosses :)

  2. she thinks she does....they mark their territory with scent glands under their chins....she even thinks my china cabinet is hers!

  3. Thank you for the photos of Twitch - she is so adorable and beautiful. I am loving reading of her adventures x