Thursday 30 May 2019

Thursday Morn

I went outside to hang out the washing and was delighted to see these four galahs on the fence, Carol next door puts seed out for the local doves and these gorgeous 'cockies' have found it too...

Not sure if you can see but the bird on the left has black eyes so is a male, his Mrs is next to him with her soft brown eyes...

I'm knitting two cardigans for Darcie(2) who is my grandaughters' step-sister, this is sewn up now and I've nearly finished a stripy one in bright left-over yarn for her...I also made two cotton tote bags from Vintage inspired cotton for my grand-girls' birthday presents, they can use the bag again and again that way but I forgot to take photos!

Joe has stopped the chemotherapy for his skin cancers as the side effect of muscle cramping was becoming unbearable, legs and abdomen were so very's good to see him getting some proper sleep at last.

I was prompted to write this small post by Outback Tania who is going to post more regularly...these little things all add up to make our story don't they?

Bye bye for now


  1. Hi Sue,

    Well, well, I learnt something new today and that was about cocky's eyes. And I call myself an Aussie haha! I am going to pass this on to my dad because I don't think he knows this important information. Mother in law has a pet galah and I am going to see whether "he" is a girl or boy when I next see him. He is named Clarry and talks and swears a lot!

    Such a beautiful photo of the galahs. The closest one is keeping an eye on you :)

    You are a great knitter Sue. I love the colours of the cardigan.

    Hope Joe recovers from his chemo with no ill effect. Being in pain really sucks!

    As you say, I am finding the little and often posts are developing a life story. Hopefully I can keep it up.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  2. Such beautiful and exotic birds!! I love this chance to see them. Thank you! Great gift for Darcie! Nice and warm! Hope Joe is feeling better! Life brings it's unpleasant things. May you have a peaceful week.