Saturday 16 April 2022

My Square Sausage

 Scottish Lorne Sausage or Square Sausage??

I'm weaning Joe off commercial pork products because of their unhealthiness and used the following recipe based on a link I will post in the comments.
Check the link for how to chill the meat etc
I've switched out the breadcrumbs for oats as that's what I had at hand. You'll need a food processor.
1kg/2lbs of minced pork and beef or just pork
2 cups of rolled oats
3T tomato paste, apple puree or plain water
1t coarse black pepper
2t dried herbs or 2 T chopped fresh herbs
1t nutmeg or garlic powder perhaps?
Process the oats until you have a coarse flour.
Tip into large mixing bowl
Process about 1/3 to 1/2 of the meat to get that smooth raw sausage meat texture that makes slicing easier later on 😉
Mix everything thoroughly with your hands and press into prepped loaf tin.
Leave overnight to firm up and then slice.
I made 17 slices today and will freeze most of it.
You can simple shallow fry the slices, BBQ them, they won't take long to cook
So no added sodium, no nitrates and we're both happy about that xx🍳🍔

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