Thursday 2 February 2012

Those Baby Doves Again

I can't get enough of these sweet babies...they are so gentle and tame that I can walk within a yard of them and they don't are today's photos, can you see both of them in the firstone, they are well camouflaged for our neighbourhood,

When they sit side by side on the grass they look like a heart from above.

We had very special visitors this afternoon, Elizabeth, Caleb and David dropped in after Caleb finished his first day in Pre-Primary. He looked very tired at first and mentioned a sleep after lunch lol He perked up after cooling down in the air-conditioning(his school is not air-conditioned "because it is too close to the sea and will benefit from the sea breezes" 4 yrs of age that really doesn't matter!) Nana's chest of  toy cars came out as did Great-Nan's Roses' chocolates and the day was saved. Twitch was fascinated with the children and they were amazed that we have a rabbit living in the house with us lol He jumped on the back of the settee while Caleb was playing with a car and scared him! Twitch has a new game that involves running around and around Joe's office chair....he's such a character

Enjoying the air-conditioner, my friend Wendy saw this photo and asked "Where is the zipper so that  you can put your jammies in there?" lol

Priscilla had the portacath installed yesterday and was home by lunchtime but in a lot of pain, she has meds for this ....yeah yeah yeah but sometimes they just don't work.

It's cooled down nicely and we've even had a shower or two. Joe's photography group starts again today so I'll need to go and make his lunch to take with him....he's very thrifty too...the others buy a cafe lunch complete with coffee but Joe never spends a must be hard for him as he loves his coffee but he never complains, he sees it as wasteful.

Hooroo for now,


  1. It's nice to "hear" your happiness in your day.

  2. Thank you, Rose, I do feel better now...I suppose there's only so much futile sorrow we feel isn't there? I'm concentrating on the good things in my life so that I can be better for Priscilla when she needs me.