Wednesday 3 October 2012

Here I Am!

I have been rather un-focussed recently, drifting through my days reading and stitching and weeding and dreaming. We've also been very busy at the forum making decisions and improvements.
Another dreamer, yes, he's fine. Did you know rabbits can sleep with their eyes open?

This week I have begun my first ever on-line course compliments of my lovely friend, Rose. The course is a whole-foods kitchen course, run by Heather Bruggeman, and will hopefully get me back on track in the kitchen. I've been an advocate of whole foods for many years, eating the whole food rather than discarding the peels and skins that contain much of the nourishment. As well as being nutritionally better it is cheaper too and we're having a tight budget month as part of un-necessary spending for all of October.

I started on Monday evening by soaking 3/4 cup of brown rice in cold water overnight. This seems to halve the cooking time(thus saving fuel) and once it was cooked, drained and slightly cooler I dressed it with EVO, soy sauce and grated recipe, just use your own judgement. Into the rice went chopped onion/celery/green capsicum/tomato/cashews and a drained can of white beans(none left in freezer)... just about anything, dried fruit/chopped orange are nice too. I heard Joe serve himself and then sigh, "Ooooo This is soooo goooood!" lol

We've just joined Aussie Farmers Direct and are expecting our Winter Vegie Box this afternoon...I will take some pics and tell you more about them tomorrow.

Off to wash some dishes and floors,
Take care,
Love from Sue


  1. Oh my goodness your rabbit is adorable and I had no idea they slept with their eyes open. I learn something new each day. Your dinner looks very hearty. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. great post love your rabbit

  3. Oh that Twitch, he's so adorable!!
    I'm sure you'll enjoy the course Sue, I did it last year and learn't heaps. I have all the modules downloaded on a memory stick just waiting for me to print off and make into that wonderful binder Heather day :?