Thursday 24 January 2013

A Nana Fun Day

Yesterday I was asked to look after Jess and Liv for a few hours while their parents attended an appointment. They came over around 9.30am and set to work on some puzzle magazines I'd saved for them and a late breakfast of orange juice and toast. Jessica had written me a very loving letter.

A phone message came from Gordie with the generous offer to pay if we wanted go out and "do something" special so I asked if they'd like to go to Chipmunks which is a short drive away. To see their faces light up was special indeed so we hunted for socks to fit them(Socks must be worn in the playground), got a water bottle and off we went...

The place is huge and very well designed with lots of friendly staff keeping an eye on the children. There is plenty of seating, a nice cafe and there were 6 birthday parties going on yesterday as well as 2 daycare groups using the facility but there was still plenty of room for every-one. After lunch 4 characters came on stage to mime and dance to popular music and the younger children had a ball dancing...

The main reason I took the girls here and it cost $12.90 each for them to get in, instead of going to a free park, was that it was an air-conditioned indoor activity so there was no danger of sunburn. We stayed for 2 1/2 hours but could have stayed all day if we'd wanted to. Would take some sandwiches next time as the cafe was rather pricey.

So home we went, back to the puzzles and when Gordie came to collect them he had a lovely surprise for me, his cousin Tommy whom I hadn't seen for 13 years! Tommy got involved with the girls' crosswords and we all had a good laugh...have asked for a photo of the two cousins together, it's lovely to see them so close. Gordie was 6 yrs old when Tom was born and he used to carry him around and rock him to sleep.

After they'd left I came in here to my pc and Jessie and had typed this on the screen
""My nana sue is the Awesomest Nana in the world and She loves me, I love her 2!" 

That's all for today,
Must go and stuck into my housework methinks
Love from Sue


  1. AWE :) Such a lovely note! I don't blame her one bit for loving you so much XOXOX

  2. What a totally wonderful day all round!

  3. And did you tear up when you read that?

  4. Oh what a precious note your Jessie left you! It looks like such a fun day! So good for the children to get some much needed exercise and have no danger of overheating or sunburn in the weather you are having. So glad you had a lovely day :)

    Amy :)