Thursday 15 May 2014

Just a Catch-up

aaand a great, big hug to my dearest friend of 52yrs, Gillian who is getting married next month! Gillian and her family moved into a house 4 doors down from us in Morecambe when she was 4 yrs old and I was 8 months older...we've stayed close despite us moving to Australia in 1967 and I wish for her and Gordon a very long and happy marriage; they've been together forever so I'm sure they know what they're in for!

I just have a few photos to share today and a link to the best smoked cod dish I have ever was a bit like Ocean or Seafood Pie but beautifully flavoured by the smoked cod.

The rains have started in earnest now in Perth so with help I've planted out my fancy hibiscus and the lemon tree that was my 50th birthday present from Ma and's lived for 7 yrs in a large pot and given us huge lemons every year since. Today I planted rainbow chard, sage, chives and 6 strawberry plants in this cute little pot...see at the back? The chard has gone in the front garden with lots of compost so I am expecting great things of it...

the pansies are flowering too and the habanero chillies are just starting to turn red...there's a year's supply on this one plant!

I've nearly finished this sock now...I love these self striping yarns...wish it got cold enough here to wear hand-knitted socks more often(be careful what you wish for, Sue)

I treated myself to a bottle of rosé from Provence, it was heavenly...

...discovered Odlums of Ireland's baking site and made the cheese and thyme loaf, found this you-tube of playing bunnies and got lost in the joy

Jess and Liv came over and we went walkabout...they really wanted to climb this tree but despite their best efforts they couldn't get up there...

I had to laugh!
It's dark outside now and I can hear our resident frog having a good old sing-song in the front gardens. The smell of our spaghetti sauce is making me very hungry so will say bye bye for now,
Love from Sue

Twitch just asked if I'd posted a pic of him recently...

...why he only has one leg stuck out behind him is any-one's guess...his tail is there though. He's been climbing over the settee in the middle of the night and onto this table too...

and it's goodnight from him.


  1. Sue, that tree branch is a very unusual shape. It's a pity the girls were too short to climb it. :-) I envy you your rain. It is very dry here again and below average rainfall is forecast for winter. The weather has been mild for the past week after dreadfully cold weather the weekend before last when it would have been good to have a pair of your socks to warm one's feet. LOL! You may get some cold weather yet!

  2. Very unusual shaped tree, the girls would need a helping hand to get up there.

  3. I reckon that tree might not have had much light while it was growing. We had a tree here like that and when we lost the big tree next to it in a strong gale, the spindly one has now boomed...Look at that Twitch, he is such a character!