Thursday 15 September 2011

Fruit Flies...

...are a real pest in many parts. They lay their eggs in the rotting fruit under the trees, laying about 400 a time and these eggs will hatch in 8days in warm weather. It's really important to pick up fallen fruit and if it looks fly-blown then wrap it tightly in plastic and leave in direct sunlight to kill the maggots. They also like to get into vinegar such as our citrus cleaners and the compost pile if that's not maintained properly.

I would never consider spraying poisons in the garden but use traps such as this one, a plastic bottle with small holes near the top and some fruit juice inside, they get in but can't get out despite their compound eyes having 760 units!

There are a few in there but this is by far more effective...a sticky web!

While I was outside checking for fruit fly yesterday I paused to admire these remarkable flowers growing on a native Australian shrub next door. They're about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and the bees just love them. The shrub is very dense and a safe haven for the many small birds around here.

These three tomato plants have come up on their own after some plumbing work in their garden bed...they all have 5-6 fruit on them already and are so strong and sturdy. There are several volunteer lettuces underneath them too. They get a very deep watering when it rains and my bucket overflows, looks like we may get some rain today.

This is a little sweetness I picked up at the Perth Craft and Antique Show several years ago, mass-produced overseas but it never fails to gladden my heart when I look at's home is on the wall next to the back door. It's made of pressed tin and is hand-painted....only cost $5 too!

Hope you're enjoying your garden wherever you may be. xxx 


  1. I agree, those flies are a nuisance. Looks like everything is growing well in your neck of the woods. It's great when food you've not even planted starts to grow, isn't it.
    love from Mum

  2. Hi Sue. I have fruit flies problem too. Not in the house though. But they attack my tomatoes! And they even lay eggs into my green, unripe tomatoes!!! I quickly harvest them when they are green and put them in a container to let them ripen at room temperature.