Saturday 29 October 2011

Some Crafty Blogs

I thought I'd simply share a few of my favourite craft blogs this morning, perhaps you'll find some Christmas gift inspiration here.

The first is Pink Penguin's Fabric Baskets...she is a dainty Japanese lady married to an American man and now living in Tokyo, her sewing is always witty and very appealing. I've made several of these little baskets, some for gifts and there are 3 of them dotted around the house containing my craft supplies and specs! I leave off the handles and often use denim for the base.


Japanese Prints

Yesterday I followed a link from the Homespun Living Blog and came across these delights...

Another tutorial I have used several times is for these appliance covers, it's simply an upside-down bag really with a nicely made square bottom....I've cheated again here by making them with just one layer so they're not reversible but still very useful. I have one on the breadmaker, toaster, monitor and sewing machine! With the vast range of fabrics available these days you could really 'go to town'!

This is my monitor


These Stationery Folders are easy to make and very useful...I keep birthday cards, stamps and envelopes in mine and have given them as gifts with a selection of $1 greeting cards inside could add some stamps too if your budget permits. They use little oddments of fabric so are great stash-busters and Melissa is a forum member too...she has lots of other lovely goodies to share.

Inside the folder

It has a handy pocket on the front too.
Now after looking at these delicious goodies I am itching to sew something sweet!

Do you have plans for the weekend or are you just going to go with the flow like me? Have fun whatever you decide to do.

Bye bye for now,


  1. Oh how lovely Sue! You really can go to town on the different prints and fabrics around. Yes I am following suit this weekend, I went to spotlight today and got some materials so I can sew up some swimming bags for the boys now it's swimming lesson time again, and a close friend is having her birthday this week so I am going to make an apron for her gift, I also finally got some circular knitting needles so I think I'll have a go at a hat for myself to take camping next time :) Love being crafty :) Enjoy your weekend xx

  2. I made one of those baskets last year for a neighbours Christmas Hamper, and put a few homemade goodies in. It went down really well.
    I'd forgotten her lovely site, thanks for the reminder.

    I'm mostly cooking this weekend, not sure how that came about! Enjoy your weekend too.