Monday 14 November 2011

Some Pretty Fabrics

On Saturday morning I drove over to Spotlight for a look-see! Spotlight is an enormous warehouse-type super-store that sells fabric, yarn, household linens and all things crafty and is one of my favourite places to go as nowhere else in our area sells knitting supplies.

They were late opening but the wait was worth it. I bought 2 metres of these beauties based on fabric at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. They have an Art Nouveau look about them, sorry about the second photo. As they are coloured and styled to go together I will work on something mysterious for a gift ;) Reduced to $4 a metre from $13. Saving of $36 here.

Then I wondered around looking for flannelette fabric(brushed cotton) which is always much cheaper at the end of winter. I found this sweet one for $2 per metre and asked for 5 then scanned at 99cents a metre....ooooo I thought...

and then decided to ask for 10metres of this; striking while the iron was hot so to speak...15m @ 99c instead of $6.99pm...savings here $90 so I saved $126 altogether on the original prices.

As I am making most of my Christmas presents again this year I can't tell you what my plans are yet but will take photos for a post Christmas blog! I also bought some eyelet thingies...the sort you punch into fabric with a hammer to make a strong hole to thread cord through so that will be something new for me to try.

Hope you are well and looking forward to a new week,
Love from Sue


  1. Wow, what a haul! The nearest Spotlight to me is about 40 minutes away and I've never had any luck there at all. Can't complain about my fabric luck in general though, I did really well at an op-shop recently.

    You have me all curious about your Chrissie pressies now.

  2. The fabric prints r real pretty! I wonder what u r going to make from them :)

  3. I would love to tell you but the recipients will find out if I do ;)


  4. Oh Sue, how delish are your fabric finds!! You'll be having a load of fun creating with those :) You've got me motivated and all keen to go back to Spotlight now (minus Master 4 &5 so I can have a good long uninterrupted look around :)) and see what bargain materials I can find :)Have a great day, Regards, Ruth xx