Monday 26 March 2012

Quick Visit To Northbridge

On Friday we decided to make a quick visit to Kakulis Bros in Northbridge for some fresh spices, olives and a nice lunch. Joe was craving some Steamed Lotus Leaves and Prawn goodies so I ordered them while he found a nice table next to the garden in the Old Shanghai. I went to the Singapore and Malaysian stall and ordered a Combination Plate, rice, beef rendang, Malay chicken curry, lamb curry and Chinese style honey chicken for Joe. There was also a large scoop of mixed vegetables, cabbage, carrots and green beans. $20 for lunch for two is really good value and we even took some home with us! The train is free during the day for pensioners too!

I took a few pics on the way back to the train, past the Urban Garden and the Art Gallery.....

a pretty stairway
rooftops above the trees
a beloved man
a giant crane
an unusual window
a city oasis
a sign to think about

I took some more photos of Twitch yesterday to compare with earlier ones, I;d say he has doubled in size since we became his guardians(I like that word better than owners). Will post them tomorrow.

I popped in to see Elizabeth yesterday, she's been unwell, and left her a Clayton's Quiche, bread and butter, orange quarters and some chocolate teddy biscuits for the Lads! Next door Gordie was baking a banana cake and muffins and his pizza dough was ready to use too. I went outside to admire the rabbits, Georgie was in fine fettle and Bella has 3 new kits, they're Twitch's parents.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of the passing of our grandson, Dominic..we were with his parents in spirit. Priscilla also had a very rough day...some things are just too hard to understand at times aren't they?

Hope you have a really enjoyable week,
Love from Sue

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