Tuesday 28 August 2012

An Afternoon With Family

Just a few pics taken at Mum and Dad's recently when Gordie, Jess and Olivia helped me cart some "stuff" for storage there. It's almost Spring as you can see from the profusion of flowers the girls collected...Olivia making a flower arrangement with a white chocolate Tim Tam(biscuit) safely held between her teeth...

Her posy...

Er, could I have the camera back please, Jessie?

Jess has mastered the art of self-portraits

Livvie is unimpressed...lol

78 yr great grand-dad spotted up the ladder...

monkey see monkey do...

Jessica is game for anything really...her Dad holds the ladder steady...

We also picked bags of limes, lemons and oranges from Mr Hesse's trees that overhang the fence and we admired his ducks.

Joe is teaching chess at school today so I'll potter around here all day I think, I'm slowly weeding the back "lawn" by hand...it is almost totally weeds or wild plants so I'm hoping to re-establish a nice grassy area for playing on,

Bye bye for now,
Love from Sue


  1. I love you nana
    thanx for puting pictures of us on your blog
    you rock
    love Jess

  2. Thanks Sue for the update on Priss. We are praying for good results and a return to good health for her. You have a lovely family, from Grandad to grandkids. Thanks for sharing them with us. We continue to recover, Steve and Mackenzie are stronger each day. Life is good. Hedy