Wednesday 12 June 2013


Today's post is brought to you by the colour yellow.

It's a glorious sunny day today and the sky is so very blue. I've just watched the Socceroos defeat Jordan 4-0, you can see from my link that they wear the Green and Gold of Australia with pride. This game was a qualifier to see who goes through to the final rounds of the World Cup in Brazil next year.
As I watched I finished a baby blanket I have been making from some of the yarn that Wendy sent me from Victoria recently...funnily enough the Brazil football team play in blue and yellow!

A yellow baby jacket finished yesterday...

a yellow poinsettia is flowering in the back garden...

a carpet of yellowy leaves under the deciduous cape lilac trees...

the first hint of yellow on a passion fruit...

 a nice ripe lemon...

duck eggs defrosting to make a quiche, this way you can save them when you have a glut and use them when your hens are resting...

pea and corn impossible quiche...

Not yellow but very sweet, Twitch comes to the front door when we get home to see what goodies there are for him, lettuce in this case! (Sorry about the evil plastic bags)

Priscilla updated her blog yesterday, you can follow the link on the right-hand side of this page and we got our tickets today. Woot. Starting to get very excited about our trip now.

Hope you're having a great week,
Love from Sue


  1. Susie when I think of you I think of yellow -- sunny.

  2. I love yellow, hence every wall of my home is a soft buttercup yellow. It is soothing and happy. Who can be angry in a yellow house! The 16 yr old is making noises about painting his bedroom walls, black with geometric splashes of white. Oh Well, it last so long and i can always close the door.

  3. We are going to Brazil but not during the world cup since it will be chaos in most places. The flag of Brazil has green, yellow and blue and they play many times in yellow and blue.
    Love that yellow baby sweater!!! Your photos are so beautiful!!

  4. My cat does the same thing as Twitch, gallop to the door, looking for greens. Sweet guys, both of them.

  5. I love yellow too (but can't wear it). the baby jacket looks a work of art...

  6. I'm betting those baby items are for Little Liam. I read Priscilla's post this morning, so happy she and the baby are well. Praying for you all. Hedy

  7. That baby jacket is so beautiful.