Wednesday 4 December 2013

A New Room

Where have I been all week? In here...reading! Dear Mandy said she had a single bed for me complete with all the bedding when I asked on Facebook if any-one had a spare bed to use for emergency grandchildren sleepovers but also to set up for Priscilla who would love to come to stay and visit Australia for a week or three once she is well enough. Hopefully seeing her room is ready will boost her spirits and in the meantime it's a wonderful place to read as the light is behind me!

 and my favourite action shot of Nosy Bunny running out from underneath the bed...

There's still room for my sewing table(under the green Thai fabric) and lots of other storage too.
Many thanks to Mandy and Paul for their big, generous hearts.

Hope all is well,
Love from Sue


  1. Don't you just love generous souls?

    The bed and quilt have brightened the room up nicely :)

    Love the pic of Twitch. Just got to check out the new look!


  2. How wonderful of Mandy to send this lovely bed and bedding. It is so bright and cheerful, of course little twitch couldn't help but exploring :) The room looks very comfortable, a lovely space in your home.

  3. It's such a lovely cheery room, very inviting indeed :-)