Sunday 24 November 2013

A Curious Creature

I've seen these once or twice before and just assumed that the twigs were actually a type of chrysalis but upon "making Google my friend" I see that they are rather like hermit crabs and the little sticks are for protection. The caterpillar cuts the twigs to size and then attaches them to a silken skin it has woven...

here you can see the head as the caterpillar climbs up the window frame
The animal is a Case Moth and you read more about it here, this one had made it's 'case' out of portions of dried asparagus fern.

We went to teeball on Saturday, Mum and Dad and I as well as Jess and Livvie and their was very bright is the sunlight in this pre-match chat photo...they made a new rule that if you hit the ball into the bush at the back there you were out as there was a real danger of snakes being active in that area...

Later the girls had a sleepover at their cousins, Jacob and Reuben's lovely home...every-one loves Baby Reuben...

I've been knitting like mad in front of the telly but am very disappointed by England's batting performance at the Gabba which was compounded by the England Rugby League's loss in the semi-final of the World's not an easy thing to support English sporting teams lol I consoled myself with some crisps and a glass of wine!

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend, Priscilla took the children to see the Christmas Parade in Ottawa and they've had a light fall of snow there this weekend...I think Liam must have been asleep in the right-hand side of the pram! Priss has lost her hair again during the last lot of chemo but she hasn't lost her love of Tim Horton's coffee lol

Have a grrrreat week, every-one, stay safe and healthy,
Love from Sue


  1. How great that Priscilla is able to get out and about, Sue. It does look cold over there. Brrrr. I can imagine there would be snakes in that area in the photo as you have had a lot of hot weather if I remember rightly from the weather news on TV. I always am on the lookout for snakes when I walk down the back of our place ....and we live in town! Sorry about the footy and cricket. :-)....I mean :-(

  2. Well I wont stir you up about the footy and cricket, looks like Nanna Chel has taken care of that lol!

    It is good to see Priscilla out and about and still enjoying her coffee. It is looking cold over there, which is in contrast to the heat we are having at the moment,

    I have found cocoons like that around here, and often wondered who they belonged to. Thank you for clarifying...


  3. I was excited to see your little stick cocoon, I saw several when I was living in the west, the first one scared me silly but I couldn't help but go back to look at this strange little being. I never thought to Google it, but it is nice to know it has a name and a purpose.