Friday 15 November 2013

This Week...

...really started last week with what I thought was hay fever but then developed into the first head and chest cold I have had since 2008! Grrr...I still feel sore and tired but am definitely improving.

To make this lovely baked omelette you'll need

6 eggs
150gms of chopped bacon
a small onion, finely chopped
2/3 cup of milk
2/3 cup grated cheese
1/2 cup peas
2-3 cooked potatoes, chopped coarsely
some finely chopped herbs and salt and pepper

Start by lightly frying the bacon and onion in a (very) little oil and then stir in the potato, letting it cool while you beat the eggs and milk.
Spread the bacon etc evenly over the base of a greased quiche dish and season well
Pour over the eggs and top with the cheese
Bake at 180C until set and golden, around 40 minutes.

I've been resting and knitting...fingerless mittens for friends...

Moving some pots around as we have less shade on the other patio now...

I weeded all along the fence line here and moved the pots too, the tree lost a large shady branch when the fence was installed and I miss it now!

I planted some more tomatoes and 4 marigolds to deter any nematodes that may be thinking of eating the roots of the tomato plants...

Some-one special in the briar patch...he loves to get under this asparagus fern and rest his day away when it's not too hot outside...

My lovely new cotton came Bendigo Woolen Mills this week...a green ball is on back order

I started knitting almost's all for face and dish cloths...I like the broken rib stitch in the darker one. I find this yarn a little thinner than a regular 8ply so I used size 10/3.25mm needles and another 10 stitches to get a nice firm knit...

Yesterday friends were talking about the $5.95 a kilo BBQ steak at Coles this week so I went in to get comes in these vaccuum sealed packages but is ready sliced. I went into Woolworths too just at the right time when the Singing Vegie Lady had reduced lots of goodies to $3 bag...

I washed and sorted the tomatoes, many were still firm enough to enjoy raw, the rest I cooked down with a huge clove of garlic and then blitzed with my wand...1200mls of fresh sauce and it smells heavenly...

The Christmas Swap is in full swing at the forum...yesterday I got a lovely surprise package from Vikki in Queensland...she wasn't really supposed to send me anything but look at this gorgeous handmade selection...

Priscilla has finished her chemo at long last, she meets with Dr N on December 2nd to discuss the surgery she needs now so please keep her in your thoughts. Cousin Dave is still having his treatment and is in good spirits so let's keep hoping for a great result for him. 

The forecast today is for a hot 37C...curtains will be kept closed and I think a BBQ dinner will be a great idea!

Hope all are well at your place, enjoy your weekend
Love from Sue


  1. All my best to Priscilla! That omelete looks wonderful. I especially like the addition of potatoes. Whilst Twitch is always welcome, I had forgotten how much I love seeing your house. So envious of all that gardening space.

  2. ty J, I've just realized that I finally feel very much at home here, even to the point of planting things in the garden instead of just pots, hope you have a lovely coffee morning tomorrow

  3. I hope you are feeling a little better Sue. I guess you are taking lots of garlic. My hubby usually reeks of it when he is getting a cold but it does the trick for him. We have little cherry tomatoes that come up every year and keep us supplied for most of the year and we rarely have to buy them. That omelette looks very yummy. I hope you cope with the heat. It has been hot here since the end of our warm winter but it hasn't reached 37 yet. That would be much too hot for our normally temperate region which hasn't been all that temperate lately!

  4. Oops, I forgot about that.

  5. Hope you have shooed that cold away Sue. Glad to hear Priscilla has finished chemo and now on to her next mountain to climb. I think of her and her family often and always send positive vibes to her. I have been vacillating on ordering the cotton but seeing yours I think I will order a couple of balls. It really is a good price atm.

  6. Is that a mini lop I see or a dwarf? Gorgeous! I have a few mini lops. You sound like much is going on in your life still time for date ball making, I hope you don't mind but I shall attempt to make those from your recipe they look delicious!