Thursday 7 November 2013

Mostly Twitch

Twitch is indeed a huge part of our family and much loved but did you know that the people of Queensland are prohibited from keeping rabbits as pets? If you are a magician however you may keep two! It wasn't until 1985 that the Western Australian govt passed a bill permitting people here to keep a pet rabbit or two when they finally realised that domesticated rabbits have very little chance of survival if they get loose.

There are many rabbit fanciers throughout the world, some people show their rabbits, others keep pets in their gardens and a few have house rabbits like us. The angora types have long beautiful hair that can be spun and used for knitting garments. There are Rabbit Rescue groups all over Australia who will sterilize the rabbits that come into their care, vaccinate them against calcivirus and find good homes for them. A well cared for rabbit can live for as long as 12 years and Twitch is already two years of age! Myxomatosis is a problem for rabbits kept outdoors, spread by mosquitoes it is usually fatal and the vaccine is not available in Australia because it's one way that the Govt controls the numbers of wild rabbits. If you get your rabbit to the vet at the first signs of illness it has quite a good chance of survival. Cover outdoor hutches with fly-wire to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Many rabbits live companionably with other family pets such as gentle dogs and cats as well as guinea pigs. They must be sterilized to become house trained and while a few of them enjoy being picked up most don't so if you get down to their level they love to be groomed and stroked. I walked into the lounge room last week to find Twitch on the back of the settee gazing down the street!

Here are some links to rabbit keepers and their organizations  

Western Australian Rabbit Council
House Rabbit Society of Australia
Rabbit Rescue WA 
RSPCA for what to feed your rabbit

And on with the Twitch Show especially for Juds...the garden is very dry as our bore is being replaced looks awful!


it's a bit windy, Mum

it's really ruffling my feathers

shall we go back inside?
I hope this has answered a few of your questions, Chel's especially.

Just for fun there are groups who get together for Rabbit Hopping displays...I could watch the following You Tube all day!

Have a triffic Thursday


  1. Thanks Sue. I must admit Twitch is very, very cute! We do see hares here in Queensland though but I don't know if anyone keeps them as pets.

  2. Oh Mr Twitch you are a gorgeous little man!
    Chel I know of a few people who keep pet hares in Brisbane and of course many keep long eared guinea pigs :)

  3. I am convinced, in my own, addled brain, that he would like me, too, always willing to hop up and cuddle and snuggle the afternoon away. I would never wake him, not only because I like it, but it is a great excuse to avoid doing any cleaning.