Wednesday 6 November 2013

Gifts from Woolworths

I never thought I'd be singing the praises of a huge supermarket chain but Woolies has been very generous to me this month as we get ready for Christmas. I have a reward card that gives me some great special deals at times and also gave me 3 $10 off vouchers when I spend $40 which doesn't take long these days. They have a facebook page which I have joined and there was a competition to suggest a new flavour for their muesli bars...we'd just come back from Canada so it was probably cheating to suggest "maple syrup and walnut" but I did anyway and won this box of goodies...

 It is valued at $50 and there is a $20 gift card as well as the treats you can see...I love the shopping bag and Joe will love the treats, the diabetes people recommend Carmen's muesli for it's slow release of carbs. There was a personal hand typed note in there too.

Yesterday I joined a local house rabbit group on's such a pleasure to see others with gorgeous, well cared for bunnies and to share pics such as these...

I've made dog biscuits in the past but I don't think our fussy boy would even try these

Twitch likes to sleep in the bathroom when it's very warm, the tiles are cool although he seems to be relishing this hand-made mat!

I baked the Christmas cake yesterday and it smells so good, while the oven was on for four hours I also cooked some lamb shanks in stock and vegies and this morning I've made some stock from the bones. We had a lovely zucchini and bacon slice too, made with duck eggs from our friend, Steve

I added red glace cherries after this pic was taken

  The zucchini slice is this recipe but I fried the onion and bacon and let it cool before mixing it in

lots of dishes to wash lol
So that's about all my 'doings' at the moment, wishing you a wonderful Wednesday,
Love, Sue


  1. I always love seeing Twitch. Are you going to make those biscuits for him?

    1. I might but he is very conservative about his food lol

  2. Being a Queenslander I can't comprehend having a rabbit as a pet. I wonder if ours is the only Aussie state where rabbits are banned although I believe there a quite a few around in the wild. It is obvious that you love him dearly and consider him a part of your family. He is very cute!

  3. Bunny biscuits what a great idea think I will have to make some x

  4. I love the background story to Carman's, very inspirational to young women. Cant say ive ever eaten a duck egg. My girlfriend was recently gifted a small group and guess what - Mr Fox just ate them all. There goes my chance to eat some eggs and oh my poor friend is heartbroken. She considered herself their caretaker as the owner went overseas.