Wednesday 20 November 2013

From Elizabeth's Easel

"And! AND! On top of all my quibbles about the dodgy orange and shadows (or lack of) on the bird, Caleb reckons my grevillea flower looks like a brain with legs. 

Its getting there and its really, really nerve racking. I've got this idea in my mind of what its supposed to look like, right? 

I know exactly where I'm up to, exactly what I'm going to do next. 

It feels like I'm thiiiiiiis close to to pulling off the painting of the century and it's paralysing me!! 

I'm second guessing everything. Nit picking over the tiniest detail. Questioning my colour choices. I dunno. It'll all come together in the end...not the way I have it pictured in my mind, but it'll still be something special in its own right."

I am just in awe!



  1. As are we all. She is so talented and you are so wonderful to share Priscilla's work with us. I have to say that I am a happier person this morning having enjoyed this painting, and who does not like a good brain with legs.

  2. That is just unbelievable, Sue. I wish I had such talent.

  3. That is stunning!

    (I am catching up with blogs today, while I have a bit of time. I am resting after a visit to the dentist, and playing on it while I get the chance lol)