Friday 22 November 2013

The Tale of Socksie Kitten

I may have to start paying Elizabeth for writing my blog but I do love her "voice" she explains how her cat adopted her...

"Don't know what it is about this box. Its been puzzling me for weeks now. It started off in the main living area and the cat would poke around it. I almost fell off my chair when she actually jumped up and climbed inside it - she was a stray and doesn't have a playful bone in her body. 

I ended up bringing it into my room when I was packing away my ornaments and stuff and she's followed it in there. I don't know what it is, she loves the thing and I don't have the heart to take it off her just so I can fill it up with my junk.

 It was about 3 winters ago, I was painting out the back in the middle of the night and she must have taken 10 years off my life when she appeared out of nowhere, just a flash of white darting across my peripheral. Every night she would turn up at the same time and every morning she would be gone again. 

I remember telling the kids about this black cat with white socks that would come calling each night and maybe 2wks later they were so excited when she arrived one afternoon. She was such a skinny little thing, I had started giving her the kids dinner leftovers by that time. 

Then about a month after she first turned up I went to slide a note to her owner under her flea collar and the bloody thing was so tight. The trouble I had trying to get it off! She wasn't quite fully grown and I was fuming that someone could put a collar on a kitten then "misplace" their pet. She never really left after that.

She's still a bit of a loner, she doesn't do ANYthing even remotely cool like all those cats on YouTube, she just spends her days stalking from one sleeping place to another but she's wicked with the mice, she's super patient with the boys and on the rare occasions when she actually wants my company...when she jumps up on my bed and curls up behind my knees on a cold winters night, or (even rarer) when she actually wants to sit on my lap....that's hard won affection. She makes me feel terribly humbled and grateful for it."

Have a great weekend, I'm really enjoying the cricket! 


  1. What a cute story. I love black cats with white socks and I dream of having one, one day. They are funny things, you can't own a cat really....