Monday 4 November 2013

Weekend Photos

I was happily re-united with our big gas BBQ after 15months on weighs a ton and has been waiting for Gordie to pluck up courage to move it. His friend, Ivan, has a ute and they brought it over for me. I especially love BBQ'd vegetables so cooked some eggplant, falafels and pork sausages to celebrate!..

On Sunday it was casino day and for $5 I had a cappuccino coffee, a four course buffet lunch and a ride to the city, a loaf of bread would have cost the same. Dad and I went for a walk outside after lunch and I had fun with my new little Nikon camera; I lost my other little one on the flight to Canada and this one is much better...

The kangaroo paw flowers are a big feature of the gardens at Burswood, they are a native plant and grow wild locally but these mass plantings are spectacular...

There are several outdoor areas for smokers...this one is cleverly covered with potted's a creeper with pink flowers and will be an awesome sight in a year or two...

not a sprinkler but a speaker for the lovely music we heard...

 I changed the camera setting to close-ups to see how that would go...

new growth

a busy bee

and a butterfly enjoying lunch
Dad was in fine fettle...this pic indicates what a rebel he is...

He also shared this joke..."
  "Why do deep sea divers cover their faces with their hands and roll backwards into the sea?
 Because if they roll forwards they will still be in the boat!"

So that was a truly lovely day out despite the heat. Elizabeth and David came over for dinner and a nice bath and it was lovely to spend a little time with them both. It would have been ever better had David(4) not re-set my alarm clock for 6.50am this morning!

It's already very hot today with thunderstorms forecast. Over at the forums I am taking up Rose's challenge to drink more water and the Christmas Decoration Swap is now closed, partners will be listed shortly.

Have a great week
Love from Sue

Oh! PS! Chel has a truly lovely Aussie book give-away over at her blog...go and make a comment to have a chance to win!


  1. Gosh you are getting so good with that camera. Beautiful photography. I love hearing about your adventures with your Dad. Gosh i hope when im elderly someone looks after me as well. Cup Day tomorrow, so planning my first BBQ of the season with my blog friend from Ballan. Its her first time here so the garden is looking spic and span.

  2. Sue, I haven't read Rose's post about the water but we were talking about that on the Fit and Trim thread and yesterday and I was determined to drink more today and I have. I drink too much coffee!

    You are doing well with your new camera. I have the same camera as Jacquie from Bunny Mummy and I printed out her tips for taking better blog photos but to no avail....mine look nothing like hers! :-( She just has the knack I guess.

    I just saw your PS about the giveaway on my blog. Thanks for putting that on your blog. Now Coleen DOES take good photos. I wonder if she gives lessons. LOL!

  3. Mr Sue's Dad is such a devil! :)

  4. I agree, your dad is pretty funny, and I bet a whole lot of fun to be with.

  5. Lovely photos - I think your doing very well, loved your Dads joke! Wonderful that he has such fun with you!