Friday 7 February 2014

Some Family Photos

I promised to share these photos that my first husband's cousin sent to me last week...he came to Australia for 2 holidays when my children were very young and I hadn't even seen most of the, 1975 at Palm Beach Jetty...

The house at Corella Pl we had built in has since been demolished and replaced! We lived here for 13years...

Here's cousin Dave with a puffer fish he picked up on Safety Bay Beach...

and his mum, Auntie Sheila waving a crayfish at us...

Paul and Gordon, aged 4 and 2years ...

Paul aged 2yrs getting a drink!

I hope that can was empty...Paul is 21 mos old here...

Paul again on Safety Bay Jetty(hand-made jumper please note!)

Gordie aged 4 years at Coral Bay or Exmouth...

1979 and the local shopping centre, The Hub which is now undergoing major improvements...I love the 'old' cars in this pic...

 and last but not least, Gordie, Elizabeth and I in 1983-4 at the Rockingham Aquatic Centre(posh title for swimming pools)

Seeing these photos made me rather nostalgic, hope they made you smile...
Love from Sue


  1. Totally made me smile and smile and smile. Thank you for sharing these pictures. Your children are so darling in them, still are, huh! I love photos, especially when I can imagine the stories that go along with them. You are darling, and look at that hair!

    1. they made me smile too, it was funny to see my ex as a young 'un too but I won't post them out of (undeserved) respect!!!!

  2. Old photos are so much fun, I have recently been scanning my old photos into the computer and then giving the kids CD's for Christmas, I don't know if they like them but I'm having a grand time!! Thank you for sharing yours!

    1. for my 6 Aussie grandies I've made photo albums and printed out their pics...they love adding to them and looking back to see how they've grown!

  3. Wow those photos must take you back ,Sue and it probably just seems like yesterday when the kids were little.

    1. Chel I'm still the same inside and was rather shocked to see a photo taken at the weekend where I look like a 57 yrs old woman lol!!!

    2. Really? You do not look a nanosecond over 56. Seriously.

      All right. You were cute back then. Today we get to see the true beauty you have always had, inside and outside. Really seriously.

  4. It sure made me smile with joy. I love to see family photos. Wonderful photos Sue!

  5. Goodness that took me back to childhood! I do recognise those cars!