Saturday 15 February 2014

A Sporty Morning

Hallo every-one! Today I had the pleasure of watching 3 of our grandchildren playing sport at the same ground..this is rare that they're all in the same place so it was heart-warming. Jacob won Player of the Match for his cricket team and Jessie won Player of the Match for her tee-ball team. Livvie played very well too and I got to cuddle and play with baby R.
These are all the photos I took, I want to share them here for other family members to enjoy...

Meanwhile at Priscilla's house...the view from the front door!

Such a contrast!

Hope all are well and enjoying their weekends


  1. Sue, that is indeed a contrast. So much snow where Priscilla lives. I wonder how people get out their front door when it is like that.

  2. Thank you, Sue, for the update on Priscilla. Your family remains in my prayers. Lucky you to see so many grandkids at their sport. Only one of ours has any sporting interests. I'm traveling to OZ next month to visit our daughter. Outside of Brisbane in Lowood. I'm excited to see the land down under. Cannot wait to see my girl and her family in their home. My best to you. Hedy