Wednesday 26 March 2014

Talk About Downsizing!

We have been very, very busy because on Feb 28th we got the call from Housing to say they had a place for us...we'd been on their list for almost 7 yrs...we had 3 days to decide and see if we could break our lease and it all went very well and we/I'd packed up and moved in 10 days lol 
What a riot, thank goodness for adult chn and good friends Mandy and Paul. I got window cleaners in, carpet cleaner, pest control and lawn mower man and did the rest of the cleaning myself. (Last night I dreamed we were still there and still packing...this is a recurring dream of's caused by having too many possessions I think!)

Now talk about down-sizing, we have one big bedroom, a lounge/dining area, toilet/shower room and washing machine/wash basin area lol There is a huge shed and a roomy outside locker, a lovely paved patio and a small front's in a block of 12 single storey semis for over 55 yr olds so there are all the hand-rails and easy taps etc that I need and it's so quiet although we're just a km from the major shopping centre, 500m from Spotlight and the library and 1.3km from Bunnings lol It already seems like we've been here forever.

Surrounded by our own familiar furniture and belongings we are very content...there's lots of storage room in the kitchen and a new gas more bending...

I couldn't get my sewing cabinet in but found I can sew comfortably on the little coffee table, I made 2 shopping bags this week and we got the china cabinet in (my pride and joy). I've been in the op-shops looking for curtains and found the lace one at the lounge window for $3 and a tray from the Lake District for 50 cents! Also some knick-nacks for the patio...

From the front window I can see our Thai neighbour's wonderful garden, she has Holy Basil, Vietnamese mint, bird's eye chillies and lemon grass etc, there are frangipane trees everywhere too. I have already planted basil, coriander, parsley, pansies and jalopeno chillies in my pots and am waiting for more reliable rain to plant out my lemon and lime trees as this will be our forever home now...

The rent here is less than half that we were paying to rent privately so it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, forever scrimping and saving can get quite stressful although we still had a good standard of living now we can save for the occasional holiday etc. 

Twitch is very happy too, on the first evening he saw fit to jump up on the settee next to Joe and almost into his dinner...

So that is what we've been doing for the last month, I'm glad the move is over, we are still unpacking and looking for bits and pieces and we have to find a home for our two seater settee but we have plenty of time for that!

Hope all is well in your world,
Love from Sue


  1. So happy you have a much more affordable home that is designed for easy access etc. That is a wonderful way to start 2014..

  2. Congratulations Sue, so glad you've got it. And you're still a shed and an outdoor locker bigger than us, so I promise you'll get used to small living, it all looks very nice for you there.

  3. Well Done, and a great reward for being so patient. At least we know that this Housing property will be well cared for and is well deserved. Have you met all your neighbours?. Have you started making your own community events? Is there a shared common area for a BBQ?

  4. Everything looks lovely good on you. So much easier to look after too. Twitch looks pretty happy xx

  5. About time! Nice house, great that the rent is half, cool on the trees, but, oh baby...that bunny!

  6. Sounds fabulous! Glad you have enough storage and the shops seem rather convenient too. Neighbours of a similar vintage will hopefully be of some comfort too

  7. Is that a snake at the front door?

    Your new home is gorgeous Sue. Great outdoor area. You deserve a cut in rent. I hope you have many happy years there.

    PS: I wrote a comment yesterday and it didn't show up. I just realised I pressed 'sign out' instead of 'publish'. Numpty

  8. wow, Sue, this is a lovely forever home, and life will be so much easier for you both with paying less rent. Enjoy.

  9. Oh it is so cute! Congratulations on the successful move. (Any move that you survive and stay married is successful!) And I love the separate stove top and no-bending over oven! Enjoy!

  10. So happy for you Sue, enjoy your new home!