Friday 4 April 2014

Fairly Frugal Friday

Just checked in the fridge to see what vegies Twitch has left and I came across a rather soft tomato and some corn on the cob off the sad shelf at Woollies and still not used after a week! Thinking soup for lunch. I always have red lentils in the pantry so the following came together very quickly...

1 chopped onion
1-2 cups of whatever chopped vegies you need to use up
1 cup of red lentils(any lentil will do, I love red ones as they cook quicker and mush right down to a smooth texture)
1T curry paste or powder
pinch of salt
stock left over from cooking last night's carrots and potatoes, perhaps a little more water

Fry off the onions in a little oil
Stir in the curry paste or powder
Stir in the lentils and coat well
Add the other vegies and stock and simmer for about an hour.

You can serve with a dollop of plain yoghurt and or crusty bread. A Girl Called Jack would be very pleased to see this!

I was wondering what to have on my toast this morning and thought "I'll buy some hummous." Face plant...old habits die hard. I have everything here to make a big healthy batch so will do that next...more savings!

No need to join a gym, by the time I've washed all the floors in here and then hoed the front garden I will have had a good workout...will walk around the park too as there's a funny tree I want to photograph with the big camera.

Another frugality of mine is to do surveys for Valued Opinions. Because of our very simple lifestyle I am ineligible for a lot of their surveys on buying 'stuff' but I plod on...even $40 a year is better than nothing. I'm waiting for a $20 voucher for Coles supermarkets at the moment...that's $20 dollars worth of free groceries next pay day.

My lovely Mum turns 77 yrs young tomorrow...all she wants for her gift is some home-made soap, easily done! We're going to the casino on Sunday, another very frugal day out as for $10 we are driven to Perth in a comfy coach, given $4 to spend, unlimited tea and coffee and an all you can eat roast buffet lunch with soups, salads, mains and desserts! (Extra frugal for me coz Mum treats me to the day lol)
Next week Jessica turns 11 yrs and the week after Elizabeth will be 31yrs and Cody turns 14yrs!

There are 4 beautiful rose bushes in our new garden and I'm really looking forward to planting out my lemon and lime trees once the rain becomes more regular.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend
Love from Sue


  1. It is easy to forget how a sack of lentils and some curry paste can make just about anything into a great meal or two.

    1. this is delicious and keeps for days, it like a thinner dahl and would be lovely with rice if you needed some carbs

  2. Now that is a frugal outing (much cheaper than mine last Sunday). How do you qualify for that? Am i old enough now??? LOL

    Love the soup recipe.

    1. there's no age limit Lynda(even very young 50yr olds can go) your nearest casino and see if they do a bus run, the Perth ones pick up ppl at set points all over the metro area every day. we catch the bus at 9.30am and set off home at 3pm, sometimes Dad and I go out for a walk if we're bored