Monday 7 April 2014

Mypost Concession Card/Australia Post

Mum told me about this deal at the weekend....

This only applies to Australian Federal Govt concession card holders and may save a few dollars, perhaps you have family who hold this card even if you don't.

Australia Post has again increased the cost of mailing a local letter, from 60c to 70c despite big increases last Sept and a $302 million dollar profit last financial year(don't get me started!) BUT if you are a pensioner etc you can apply for a concession account which allows you to buy local only stamps at 60cents when you buy 5 at a time. Along with your mypost concession card comes a booklet of 5 free stamps as well as reduced cost Mail Hold and Mail Redirect.

Unfortunately it doesn't apply to parcels or overseas mail.

Jessica had a party at the local swimming pool on Saturday...

Funny kids!!!

Rhonda at the Down to Earth Blog has been nominated for an can vote via this link

We had a wonderful lunch and fun day out at the casino yesterday, for April the cost to go on the casino bus is an incredible $5: transport, $4 to play with, full/all you can eat buffet carvery lunch (soup/salad/seafood/carvery/desserts/soft drinks/tea/coffee) ... sounds too good to be true...just don't get hooked on the gambling!

Big hallo to Scooz from the forums who wrote me such a lovely note to say she's enjoying reading this blog and I wish you all a wonderful week,

Love from Sue


  1. If i was not at work id being going on one of the trips once a week. What a bargain. I use the transport and the buffet, and forget the gambling and like you say, just go for a walk. Such a cheap outing.

    Yes, i think the rate increase stinks too because most of their business is now made up of parcel delivery from online shopping. Hence they need to makeup the shortfall in turnover/income of snail mail.

  2. Thanks for the info Sue about Mypost or rather thank your mum! I notice they keep very quiet about any concessions grrrrrrr!

    Glad you enjoyed your day out it sounded very good.