Monday 6 October 2014

I'm Still Here!

Apologies to any-one concerned about me...I have been very busy but also feeling a little down so I didn't feel like writing at all. I've just taken some photos of the garden to share with you all. I planted lots of herbs and vegetables when we first moved in and they are doing so well now...

I have around 20 tomato plants, some already in fruit...

I made a shelf to stop Twitch eating are parsley, thyme, coriander, strawberries, celery, lettuce, basil, silverbeet, rosemary and more tomatoes

The view from the front door, every-one works hard in their gardens here and it's ever-changing and quite lovely. I have geraniums closest to the door, then sage, silverbeet, potatoes, chillies, celery, kale, sweet potato, tomatoes galore and a pumpkin vine growing up the still-bare frangipani tree!

I've had this ficus in the pot for 13 years now and have shaped it like a giant lollypop...

...look who's moved in...a pair of honey-eaters...the eggs are the size of my thumbnail!

It was very wet and cold yesterday but Twitch had to go outside anyway...he sheltered under the table and 3 Indian doves came in to join him...I love that they realise he's not dangerous to them...can you see the one on the BBQ?

Today is bright and sunny and this is the view over the side fence...the huge bottlebrush tree is humming with bees, the parrots snip off the flowers and let them fall so there is a carpet of red blossoms underneath...there are cream and pink climbing roses on the fence..

and lastly some-one very, very special exploring the shed!

Priscilla has some appointments lined up soon so will update her blog when we know a little more. She and the family have moved out to Cornwall in Ontario to a lovely bungalow with a great garden for the children...she's close to her Mum, Donna and Terry now as well as a very supportive group of friends...Liam turned 1 yr old in July...

Bye bye for now
Love from Sue


  1. I have missed reading your blog, Sue. I hope you feel better soon as it is not nice feeling down. A little something is winging its way from SEQld so hopefully that will cheer you up :-)

  2. So glad to see a post from you! It always surprises me how concerned I become when someone I 'follow' hasn't posted for awhile. I guess we worry about our 'virtual' friends too! Sorry to hear you've had a bad time of it, hope things turn up, sending good thoughts your way dear!

  3. Its because we worry or wonder that i know that my bloggy friends are just as real as the ones who could see you but dont. I too have missed you and Twitch. You certainly have a head start on the tomato front. My seeds are just coming up and are around 2cm high. I cheated and bought a couple of hot house ones so i can pick in Dec. Hope you are soon feeling on top of everything. Cheers, Lynda.