Tuesday 31 March 2015

When Life Gets In The Way.....

...despite my best intentions to get back into writing this blog last week we have instead been caring for a very poorly bunny. It started last Tuesday(8 days) with him losing control of his hind legs, off to the local vet who treated him for GI again.
 He was worse the next day and losing now control of his front legs so back we went but this vet suggested firmly that we take him up to Murdoch Unusual Pet Vet as it was a job for specialists. Fortunately we still had Ma and Pa's air-conditioned car as it was quite warm so off we went(70kms round trip) Came home with $375 lighter but with meds for E. cuniculi  and GI .
 Twitch did not have one of the main symptoms of head tilt but he is responding slowly. He also had meds to help his blocked gut and some special feed called Critical Care to feed by syringe. Back again the next day as he seemed worse but Dr Nic was pleased with his overall condition but gave him a shave around his bottom and some fluids by injection.

After 5 days he was eating sufficient greens and pellets for us to stop the syringe feeding but he is still having lots of boiled water via a 2ml syringe. Rabbits have a special digestive system that requires them to eat a soft poop (cecal) which has good bacteria in it to aid digestion...Twitch cannot do this at the moment so I have given him 1.5 mls of plain yoghurt for the past 3 days....I am really in the dark about this but have to try it.  He can now move himself around a bit but not really stand up or walk, it is more a flipping around almost like a seal, poor lad! His front legs are splayed out to the side as you can see here...

We've had great support from other bunny friends at the Australian Rabbit Network on Facebook and this could go on for as long as 3 weeks so please keep our baby close to your heart...he's never been one for cuddles but now he loves it and I can support him well enough for him to groom his front paws and face etc He grooms me back by vigorously licking/nibbling my hands. Joe works the late shift so Twitch is getting lots attention...

I will get those cruise pics up soon!


  1. Oh Sue, sorry to hear about Twitch. I hope he gets better real soon. You must be so worried about him.

  2. awww poor twitch! hope he gets better real soon! he so cute! poor bubby, he must be feeling quite awful & realizes you're just trying to help. funny how when we get sick how much attention we want/need to help us get well. sending well wishes to twitch
    thanx for sharing

  3. Sweet boy. Please give him a kiss for me.

  4. We will be thinking of twitch. Funny how important our 4 legged friends become isn't it? Thinking of you as well, not easy being caregiver to non talkers, can make you feel stressed!

  5. Poor Twitch, hope he is still on the mend. Such a cutie.