Monday 6 April 2015

Noumea Photos

So Twitch is a million times better now but still wobbly and will need the panacur for another 2's a miracle to us as we were sure he was not going to recover...he's been out of his box and is able to sit up to groom himself which is great. Thanks for all the love and support this last fortnight xxx

Now here are the few pics I took from the ship of Nouméa in New Caledonia. The reason there are no photos from off the ship is that on the first night I stood up in the dark at 2am to go to the bathroom, my knee gave way and slammed into the hard beading around a full length mirror. The pain was appalling and I spent much of the next two weeks in bed...more anon.
Joe went ashore as he was keen to buy a bottle of French wine, Gaillac, which we first had in Paris in 2007. Mission accomplished he also came back with a large square of beautiful fabric for was called a coupon in French! Next to the docks is a large nickel mining plant which doesn't enhance the view but provides work for the local people.

My photos...

the first is my curry and chips...obviously comfort eating that lunchtime..

view from the table at the back of the ship

the nickel plant is a blot on the landscape, I would have loved to get up into those mountains on a tour...

Now this is Joe queuing to get back on board taken from Deck really is a massive ship...he's in the middle about level with the back of the right-hand bus...

Our steward was most attentive and enjoyed surprising us with animal created from the towels...this bunny was our favourite of course...

  Monkey was cute too lol

The next stop was Fiji and the photos are pretty similar but will share one or two, then we visited 3 ports in New Zealand.

Love from Sue

PS have recently bought this book about our ancestor Jennet Cragg, most enchanting story telling from 1877!


  1. Oh Dear, what an awful thing to happen on your trip. I had heard about the towel thing, but they really are quite good, arent they. Hope they enjoy doing them. Did you have a view out your window?

    1. Hi Lynda....we were over-looking the huge mall they have constructed but the view wasn't very clear through two panes of glass...Mum and Dad were across the corridor from us and had a nice balcony so we had access to that. It was wonderful to watch the islands glide by and to watch sunsets and even one sunrise! :/

  2. So glad to hear twitch is feeling better, silly animals (says the owner of 2 cats!) I know we worry about them a lot! What fun to take a cruise - am looking forward to seeing more photos and oh how awful to get an injury first day! How interesting to find a book with your ancestor in it as well, you will need to share more on that as well! (that is not supposed to sound bossy just curious!)