Tuesday 19 May 2015

House Fire and Twitch Pics

What a looong weekend....on Friday morning an electrical fire started in the garage of my daughter's home...it destroyed everything in there but fortunately the car and motor bike were out. Gone are a fridge, beds, the childrens' bikes, a dryer, baby photos, sewing machine, all her husband's tools and his guitar and amp, 3 of Elizabeth's best paintings and lots of other things but no-one was injured so we are very grateful for that. Unfortunately the smoke filled up the garage next door and caused a great of damage to the two valuable cars parked in there and the fireman had to break open the roller door to gain entry to turn off the power...

DD was in the process of moving out and got the keys to her new flat that afternoon so we have the spent a cold weekend moving her into there...family and friends quickly rallied and delivered 4 beds, a fridge and lots of kitchen equipment so we are very grateful for their work. You know who you are.
Even 7 yr old Baxter came over with another bike and some Lego and other toys for Caleb and David.

David is not staying under the bed btw

I'm having a quiet day at home today, baking muffins for Joe and for Elizabeth and my grandsons...I am using my Mum's recipe and my Nana's big spoon...five generations of love in that bowl and that makes me happy. 12 muffins are mixed berry and 12 are date and pear...Mum's recipe is here but these days I use 1/3 cup of apple puree/sauce instead of the oil. I put chocolate drops on the top of the second batch but they burned...learn something new every day!

Chilli sauce guaranteed to put hairs on your chest!

Our neighbour's pawpaws/papaya are huge now and this is only one of her 6 trees...she grew them all from the seeds of a pawpaw she bought locally...

I finished a knitted bunny in the Fremantle Dockers football colours for some-one who loves rabbits and the Dockers ;)

Yesterday evening I glanced outside and saw Twitch sitting in the mint planter so that he could reach the chilli bush...he was eating it's leaves! Joe grabbed the camera and took these lovely photos and Twitch made my day with his cuteness...

 He looks like a toy when he stands on his hind legs...it's called periscoping and rabbits often do that to see better or to reach tasty treats as in this case :) He's very cheeky and you can see he's fully recovered from EC illness he had recently.

Time to wash my baking dishes now, hope all is well in your neck of the woods,
Love from Sue


  1. So sorry to hear about the fire but thankfully no one was at home. Your cooking looks great, Sue. I see you made your hot sauce. Pity you don't live closer as hubby grows some really hot chillies. Twitch is so very cute.

  2. He had to climb onto the mint pot because you can see that he had already stripped the one chili branch that he could reach from the ground. Smarty-butt.

    Those chocolate drops actually look yummy. Nothing like the pleasure of slightly charred sweets.

  3. Your poor family, such a trial. Hope all is well for them soon. Twitch does look adorable.

  4. twitch is just too cute for words there!
    sorry to hear about the fire, glad no one was hurt
    your cooking looks delicious, including the slightly charred choc chips

    thanx for sharing

  5. Sorry to hear about the fire, glad no one was hurt. Oh naughty bunny!! lol
    Even though I'm an Eagles supporter, I still like the Dockers too.
    Cheers, Anita.