Sunday 13 March 2016

Bree's Tribute

Bree is our daughter in love and expecting her first baby in May...she was an amazing rock during Mum's illness to our whole family and we're so happy that she's here with us now.

So its taken me a while to come up with the words to pay my respects to one of the greatest women i have ever met..
I almost feel like ive been robbed of time spent with you. In saying that it has been an honour getting to know you. You shared with me so much knowledge, intriguing stories of your past, your contagious smile, an inspiring ability to hold strength and positivity at all times and most importantly your loving heart.
In your final weeks of life u shared an experience with me that ill never forget, and with that ive learned:
- that there not enough people left on this earth quite like yourself. I only speak for myself when i say knowing you has made me a better person.
- life is cruel and unfair to those that least deserve it. As scared and sad as i felt at times, u always brought out positivity in every conversation. Your superpower was the ability to light up a room with your smile alone.
- the meaning of family. How quickly you welcomed me to be apart of yours will forever dumbfound me. Who knew i would be so lucky.
- the love and kindness people gave you was only a small expression of how much love you actually filled their hearts with.
My list could go on and on. In a nutshell, you will be dearly missed. Though we are left with a hole in our hearts, u certainly left it full of cherishable memories and love. Im sorry that my son never had the pleasure that i did to meet you, he will learn of the beautiful angel, that is you, that has his back for the rest of his life.
Rest in peace sweetheart.. always missed but never forgotten xoxo


  1. How lovely, Sue. Your mum must have been a very loving person. Thinking of you as you deal with all the sadness of the past few weeks. Big hugs.

  2. Awe... that's just lovely, Sue XO Big hugs from me XOXOX