Thursday 15 September 2016

So Sad, So Sorry

I have to write this post.

I know it's not a simple lifestyle post, I know it's miserable, I know it's actually heart-breaking but I need to get my thoughts out before I crash altogether.

I am so blessed to have at least 3(5 really) 'daughters' in my life. So blessed. However the three I am going to write about are struggling and I ask you to keep them in your hearts. Their beautiful names are in order of age are Elizabeth, Priscilla and Breeann. Forgive me Monique and Kristie, you are also much loved.

Elizabeth's husband, Danny, was killed three weeks ago when his motor cycle left the road near Bunbury. They have three sons and eighteen years together but now he is gone. When Elizabeth finally got home from his funeral she had been sent a letter asking her to vacate her home by mid-November as the landlady did not want to renew her lease. Now she will have to start the very stressful search for another rental home and pack up her home. She has bursitis in both her shoulders and hips but retains her wicked sense of humour as she copes with her ill health, grief and fears for the future. Their wedding day...

Priscilla in Ontario, Canada is expecting her fourth baby, a little boy already named Kullen. However her tumours have grown, blocking a kidney and necessitating a tube to be inserted to drain into an external bag. This tube has been a constant source of infection since then requiring many courses of anti-biotics and hospital visits. Her medical team plan to deliver him by caesarian section in at about 32 weeks gestation in 4 weeks time and then start aggressive chemotherapy  2 weeks hence. Understandably Priscilla is very concerned for her baby and the care of the 3 older children who are all under the age of 8 years themselves. Priss has a great network of family and friends to help with the practical things and is incredibly brave throughout this. 26 weeks...

Last but not least is our new darling Breeann. This wee angel was sent to us to heal my son's broken heart, to support us all while Mum was dying and then the icing on the cake has been to become mumma to Cyclone Charlie. Her own health has been a pain in the bum since his birth but she is still there upholding us all ,,,she is a Queen in Constance Hall's terms.

So in the meantime I am as flat as pancake, struggling with my own black dog. Today has been a little lighter for which I am so grateful. I've cooked and cleaned and gardened and finally made my way back to the Down to Earth forums which are so grounding.
Forgive me but please keep us all in your hearts.

PS Rhonda shared this article in her Down to Earth Weekend Reading blog post and it makes so much sense


  1. I read that article and downloaded the App on my iPad, Sue. It is a great resource for older people like myself but I don't think young people would be interested unless they were terminally unwell. I always keep intending to make a video for my children and grandchildren too. Big hugs.

  2. You and your family are in my prayers and I send blessings to all of you. Probably you the most because, well, you are the one who holds everyone dear in a way that only you can do.

    I often think of Priscilla. Her selfie is making me smile and giggle. I absolutely love her family and child centric home. She is someone who reminds me, all of us I guess, of what truly matters, something we sometimes of which we lose track, focus maybe.

    In the midst of your relationship with all of those lovely people, please remember to take care of yourself, you know, the family glue. :)

  3. Oh my, so much going on. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending blessings your way - you need them.

  4. oh that is so much to bear. Strength to you...

  5. Dear Sue. This is the first time I have commented on blogs since I lost my dh in July. I feel so sorry for Elizabeth as although I had been prepared I still struggle at times, so I just do not know how she is managing.
    My thoughts and prayers are with all and especially you. Take care of yourself. Xo

  6. I pray the Lord God will send his angels to be with you and your family Sue. Prayers sent your way!

  7. Oh Sue, I am so sorry to hear you are going through this difficult time. (I have only just read this post)

    I will pray for all your three girls, and hope that the turmoil in their (and yours) will soon be eased. You all have a lot to deal with right now, so my thoughts are with you and yours. May you find the strength to get back to a normal life filled with the things that bring you joy.

    Much Love,
    Tania xoxo