Wednesday 23 November 2016

Keeping Going

After my last sad post I am happy to share some nice photos with you and also to thank every-one for their loving support and messages.

On October 30th Priscilla's baby boy, Kullen, was delivered by c-section after a very long labour that was going nowhere because of the second tumour blocking his way...he weighed 4 lbs and was breathing on his own after a day or two and they both went home shortly afterwards. After 4 weeks in hospital Priscilla and Will were thrilled to be going home at last...

moved to a 'big boy's bed'...

  with Daddy...

ready for home...

Chemo started again for Priscilla yesterday with the usual nausea and fatigue but she's resting in bed and being well cared for. As her milk will be unsuitable for Kullen a donor has come forward to gift her own milk for him which is such a wonderful offer and will be the next best thing to his Mama's milk.

Here in the west Charlie(6 mos) continues to delight us all with his character...up at 5.30am for piano practice today...

loving 'solid foods' now, tenderly made at home by his awesome Mum...B made this hilarious collage, we love his pumpkin face...

Dad has tripped and hurt his back, I fell outside the post office and am grazed and bruised but Joe has topped that! Mandy called him an over-achiever...he had a mini stroke in September which is still causing double vision and this week he added conjunctivitis to his list of just have to laugh at times!

I been enjoying lots of knitting and even some cross-stitch work recently as well as lots of Christmas planning and gardening. Being Spring the flowers are in abundance all around us, I'll do a separate post as there are so many photographs.

This is another 10-stitch blanket I am doing, quite easy once you work out how it develops, I'm using 8 ply acrylic on 5mm needles for a softer drape...

If you are a member of ravelry you can see more of Frankie Brown's patterns here

So there is my update, I will sort out the garden pics shortly but wish you all a very happy day today where-ever you are and what-ever you are doing,
Love Sue


  1. All the best to Priscilla with the treatment. Both babies are just geogorous. Just tell Joe to stay sober for 5 mins and the double vision just might stop lol.

  2. Holding your dear family in my Prayers Sue. He is Just so precious isn't he?! Love those messy food photos. And that blanket is coming up a real treat! It looks so cheerful and happy. :)


  3. Beautiful blanket, adorable kids and yes you just have to laugh sometimes! Holding you and family in our prayers, you've had a rough time lately.