Saturday 6 May 2017

Hallo There!

Still here, just meandering through my days as I countdown to a wonderful holiday that I will tell you more about another day.

Priscilla has started thrice weekly Vitamin C infusions and is feeling a little brighter...the good news is that she has a 'gopher' now and can get out and about now the weather there is much milder...the girls ride their bikes along-side and Liam catches a lift with Mom...

I've been quietly crafting away and have finished an incline scarf made from a giant 200gm 'cake' of yarn...

made a bag from 3 samples of curtain fabric...

some 'subversive' embroidery...

some tasty meals...Singapore noodles...

Feta and spinach turnovers(the spinach was actually sweet potato leaves!) and stuffed capsicums with some chopped tomatoes and cucumber...

and some goodies for Dad, creamy soup, cooked pork sausages, vegetable 'quiche' and a dinner of silverside and vegetables...he grumbles when he sees so much food but it doesn't last long :)

Our little grandsons are continuing to thrive...Kullen is such a chubby chops now...

Cyclone Charlie is now walking and turns one year old next week...

...we're really looking forward to his Nanna Tracey coming over to join us for a week.

That's about all my news for now so I will wish you all a happy weekend,
Love from Sue


  1. So good to hear from you Sue. I've been thinking about you and checking in with your blog.

    Fantastic photo of Priscilla and Liam. They both look really happy.

    I love the colours of your scarf. Your embroidery looks great too. You are so fast, they would take me so long to complete.

    Cyclone Charlie - great name ��. I'm sure he will have a wonderful first birthday next week.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


    1. Hi Kylie, thanks you for your lovely comments...I appear to be fast because as a retiree I have plenty of 'spare' time, your turn will come soon enough ;)

  2. What a wonderful diary entry. Priscilla must really love the gopher. All the family can go on an outing lol.
    Loved all your photos, food, babes, knitting.
    Glad you could show us it all

    1. aww you are so lovely, the family love that Mom can come to the park again. They've also installed a big trampoline, play tower with slide and a beautiful front verandah with fairy lights xx

  3. Love your handicrafts and your food pictures look so yummy they make me hungry! Adore reading about the grandkids too :).

  4. Liam looks so excited to ride with his mom. Look at that smile on his face!
    You have been busy Sue - knitting, cooking, sewing . Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  5. Hiya Robyn and Nil...yes the gopher has made a huge difference to them all, they can play outside with Mom nearby and it's alleviated Mom's depression and frustration 100% xxx

  6. Lots of beautiful things in your post Sue! Love the shawl, the bag is gorgeous and the embroidery also! I sure would love to taste all that marvelous food, it looks great! So sweet to have family close to visit. That baby is such a sweet baby!!

    1. aww you are very kind, Angela, I;ve been enjoying your blog posts too xxx

  7. Your cake looks delicious Sue! Love all of your are so talented.

    1. Hallo there to you, how lovely to see you here! Hope all is well in your summery corner of the world! xxx