Wednesday 28 June 2017

My 'Beanie' Pattern

I thought I'd already this posted this pattern but I see I have variations of it so here is my most basic pattern.

I like to use double knit/8 ply 100% wool that I buy at Spotlight for around $3 for 50 grams....I weighed this green hat and it's under 60 gms so you will need to buy 2 balls for a plain hat or add some stripes to use up scraps...

So you'll need

approx 60 gms 8 ply yarn
a pair of 4mm/UK 8 needles
a 4mm/UK 8 circular needle or you could use the set of 4mm double pointed needles(DPNs)

Two sizes large and medium

Using straight needles cast on 90(80) stitches and work 14 rows in garter stitch(all knit sts)

Change to circular needle/DP needles and knit round and round until work measure around 6 inches or 15 cms.

K8, K2tog for one whole round
Knit one round

K7, K2tog for one whole round
Knit one round

K6, K2tog for one round
Knit one round

If using a circ. needle you'll need to switch to DPNs now

Now, leaving out the straight rounds(the ones with no decreases) continue to work the decrease pattern until you have 2sts left , cast them off.

this photo shows the back of the hat where I have sewn up the garter stitch band, weave in the end at the top too...

2 finished hats plus one on the circular needle...

I hope this helps you Pauline at The Happy Retirees Kitchen Blog

For a child you could try 70 or even 60 stitches gets very cool in them thar hills where your family are ;)


  1. Thanks so much Sue for this pattern. I am inspired now to start knitting and I think I can manage this pattern. I might start with one for my little grandson first. Best wishes, Pauline.

    1. let me know if you get's also possible to knit it entirely on straight needles and then sew up the back but it's a little messier...big hint ...join's free and there are so many free patterns and so much help xx

  2. Thanks for the pattern, Sue. Yours look great. My friend just gave me some of her old yarn. She's not going to knit because her hands hurt. More for the stash!

  3. Aha! Even my feeble knitting attempts may achieve a finished product if I follow this pattern as it's so easy. Thank you :).

  4. great variation on your original coffeee; i like to cast on straight onto circulars, so will give this a go as have a bit of left overs in the markets wool which i'm currently making a tea cosy with.
    thanx for sharing

  5. Is the brim designed to be folded back?

    1. No Mary, it should just sit comfortablely as is...sorry to be so long replying x