Tuesday 17 October 2017

Some of Joe's Holiday Photos

Obviously Joe took pics of things I missed or didn't particularly see the beauty of so here are some of his photos taken with his mobile phone...the beach at Nice

statue in Nice

a water playground of fountains, very popular on the hot days in Nice...

our bedroom...

bounty from the market...

a window dating back hundreds of years...

 Carpaccio for lunch in St Remy...

very worn steps near the Roman Amphitheater... 

a lovely entrance to a home...

pretty blue shutters and ivy enhance this home...I think this is a holiday let btw

now doesn't this look mysterious...how long has that curtain been hanging in that window?

 this fish shop only opens on Thursday mornings, perhaps just to supply fish for Christians on Friday?

and last but not least, this battered door could tell some tales if it could talk...

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of Provence
Love Sue xx


  1. Wish I could see Provence. It's not that far from us. I suppose it's possible. Your/Joe's photos show it is such an amazing place.

  2. awesome photos
    thanx for sharing

  3. Joe has captured some great photos. Just shows that when you really look and look beyond you find some real treasures. Thanks for those photos Joe I really enjoyed them

  4. Thank you for these beautiful photos, Sue. I've always liked old European cities.

  5. Indeed lovely photos! Looks so pretty and sunny! Whau! That food makes me hungry and the cheeses yummy, I love cheeses of all kinds! Thanks for sharing Sue!

  6. obviously the man has 'an eye' :P

  7. What fun! Thanks for sharing!