Thursday 28 March 2019

Tasmania and More

Hallo Every-one, Joe and I have just been to the state of Tasmania for a lovely holiday. We hired a car and after 4 nights in the capital, Hobart, we set off around the island to see as much as possible(I had in the mind the Griswolds heading to Wally World via The World's Biggest Banana etc). It is a relatively small state and it was almost like being in another country at times. The western areas are mountainous temperate rain forest and we enjoyed a steam train  ride through wilderness, here the engine is being turned manually

the King River Gorge through the train window...

We saw waterfalls, tree ferns and amazing fungi at Nelson Falls,

I visited the replica of Mawson's Hut at Antarctica on the Hobart waterfront(and cried, the 18 men were so very young and brave) and the beautiful replica sailing ship, Lady Nelson that brought early pioneers from England...

 Douglas Mawson's corner of the hut, the others were crammed into bunks around the edge

so very small for such a long sea journey

Beautiful deserted beaches on the east coast where it was dry farming land ...Marion Beach

had so much fabulous food and wine...seafood platter at Port Arthur...

We visited the  UnZoo and saw kangaroos, wallabies and most uniquely 2 Tasmanian Devils which are an endangered species these days...the female was eating a wallaby hind quarter...

Himself was snoozing in the sun...

This is a section of the Port Arthur Penal Colony, one of Australia's first settlements, well preserved but with a sad and violent history..

We saw mountains and historic houses, the oldest bridge and oldest hotel, markets and farms, ate scallop pies for the first time and walked miles every day. 

At the main museum in Hobart I learned more about the appalling genocide that went on in the this state in the 1800s when most of the native population were with slaughtered or imprisoned where they died in awful conditions. This was thought provoking to say the least.

I have so many more photos and stories but this will give you a hint of our are some links to some of the sites we visited...

We'd love to go again!!!


  1. It looks beautiful, Sue. I'm glad that you and your husband are getting to do some traveling. That ship does look small. Things have certainly changed.

  2. It sounds like an absolutely wonderful holiday, Sue.

  3. It does sounds like an awesome vacation Sue! Lovely to see you and your husband. Great water fall fall in that photo! Whau, those Tasmania Devils looks like adorable puppies. Why are they endangered I wonder. Do they have many predators? Those Scalloped Pies...yummy looking! Beautiful country!!

    1. thanks for your comments, Stephenie, Nil and Angela...the Tassie Devil is endangered because of a viral cancer that attacks their poor faces, they are interesting too in that they only eat meat, no plant matter at all, they form a fur ball that acts as fibre for their gut system. They are called 'devils' because of their cry...early UK settlers were very religious and could only surmise that the unearthly noise they heard at night was indeed a devil!

  4. Sue, I would love to go there one day. I imagine that it would look quite a bit like NZ and parts of Canada. I am so pleased you and Joe got to have such a fantastic holiday.