Thursday 21 June 2012

Picture Quilt in Fremantle Hospital

Almost 3 yrs ago Baby David was in the Children's Ward of Fremantle Hospital and I visited him with his Mummy and brothers several times. They have a large and well-stocked playroom there for the children who can get out of bed and for the siblings of patients. There are dolls' houses, puzzles, work-sheets, manipulative toys for littlies and a splendid puppet theatre to play in!

The sewer in me was most interested in the hand-made quilt hanging on the wall...these old photos don't do it justice but they do set my mind a-thinking...

I really don't have the flair for such works so I stick to rather safe patch working, just table toppers and book covers etc these days....that's still very enjoyable though.

It's 4C outside this morning but clear and sunny..Twitch approves of that! When it's wet outdoors he's continually trying to flick the rain off his fore-paws which is rather pointless lol
Cody, Caleb and David all have really bad colds and chest infections and Kyra is unwell too...get well soon my Loves,

I'm going to make some meat and potato pasties for the freezer today as well as nip into town,
Enjoy your day too,
Love from Sue,


  1. What a gorgeous quilt! Thanks for showing it to us Sue.

  2. Wow Sue, that is some quilt isn't it!

  3. This is an amazing quilt you have shared a picture of! What a kind and generous donation for all the children to enjoy at the hospital. I am enjoying your blog as I discover more of it each visit :)

  4. You are very encouraging regarding my blog and I thank you for that. I'm also thrilled to see that Rhonda has recommended your own blog for Weekend Reading...well done