Saturday 23 June 2012

State Government Dental Clinics

In Western Australia (at least) the state govt has it's own Dental Health Services and one aspect of that is hugely subsidised dental health care for seniors and disabled pensioners. The waiting list is two and a half years long for your first appointment so once or if  you qualify it would pay to get your name on the list as soon as you can. If you are in urgent need of attention (ie tooth-ache) you can turn up at 8.15am on weekdays and wait to see a dentist during this waiting list period.

In our case we are given a 75% discount on their prices which still seem lower than private dentists. Joe and I had our 18monthly check-ups last week and these cost us $10.75 each. Yesterday we went back as Joe needed 2 fillings and we both had a scrape and polish. Fillings cost $113 each and the scrape (removal of calculus) costs $88 so we ended up paying $100.60 for $400 + worth of treatment.

When I first heard of this service I had visions of trainees with their knees on your chest and a chainsaw in hand! However, we and my Dad have the wonderfully tender and caring, Catherine Tiong who relaxes us and waits for us to get be comfortable before continuing treatment. She is indeed an angel. In the waiting room are hanging mobiles made from various pieces of un-needed dentures and plates...very droll!!! And yes, they do all work that regular dentists do as well as fitting and making dentures etc.

This link may give some idea of the regular dental costs if you have to visit a private dentist

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