Friday 22 June 2012

A Simple Quilt/Patchwork Pattern, Cobblestone

This link will show you how easy this basic pattern is, you can use any size pieces and mix and match a million different fabrics

I discovered it about 6 years ago when looking for thrifty gifts to make to take to Canada for Joe's family when we visited is one of the gifted ones before it was finished...

This is the one I kept, the rather subdued tones seem to give it a sweet protects my grandparent's little folding card table...

They are not lined with any batting etc as they are intended to be used as table cloths, I just added the side sashes and backing fabric. My centre square for these measured 4 square inches as I have a template that size is leftover from making this table protector or topper in 2004. I painstakingly hand stitched all the squares together and then ruined it by adding some very crude machine quilting lines!

Some of us do indeed learn by our mistakes ;)

It was 2C in Perth when I got up this morning, that's pretty cold for here. I have 3 large tomatoes on a volunteer plant so I am watching for frosts being forecast and then I suspect we'll be trying Fried Green Tomatoes!

Joe and I both have dental treatment today, I'm going to post about much money we save by going through the State Govt Dental Units,

Have a wonderful weekend,
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  1. What a very nice pattern to make up for a gift. Thank you for sharing! Do not kick yourself for the machine quilting. If so inclined you could always remove one line of stitching at a time and hand quilt in it's place. Perhaps some winter evening quilting? I think it's a beautiful patch quilt and admire your hand piecing!