Friday 23 November 2012

Cape Lilac Tree Caterpillars

My goodness...what a horrible nuisance these little animals are. To begin with they can quickly strip a whole Cape Lilac tree, climbing the tree with them on the trunk is no fun for children, they form huge clumps of chrysalises under the fence capping and then on mid-summer evenings they fill the air for miles around with large brown moths. My first thought was to leave them be and let the balance of nature stand but these caterpillars have no natural enemies and chooks won't eat them either so I am embarking on a crusade to be their Public Enemy #1.
 I've tried soapy citrus spray which didn't kill any, fly spray which nearly killed me with guilt and now tonight I've sprinkled Baby Powder on and around them in the hope that even if they don't die they will at least smell nice!

Here are some with the powder on, they fell off the tree and died...

Cheeky rabbit watching his Mum, he ran towards me and binkied(happy jump) several times which always makes me laugh!

The caterpillars make their way into the house and car but only ever eat the leaves of the Cape Lilac tree, the moths end up in the car and the house and I don't even know what they eat. Have a look at this link...and if you have had any luck dealing in a green manner with these little pests then please let me know. Aaaargh!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Love from Sue

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  1. What wonderful news for your family, Priscilla and the girls are lovely and look so happy. Praising God for them. Praying the new year brings a full remission.