Friday 23 November 2012

Priscilla's Journey

Priscilla has updated her blog today, reminding us that it's 12 months today since her initial diagnosis. So much time has been spent in limbo waiting for appointments/results/tests/phone calls but through all this she has remained very strong and got on with making the most of her life.

Let's hope that the next 12 months show a complete recovery...that would be fair methinks!

  Priss's hair is growing back strong and curly and she feels so much better for the loss in weight and better diet thanks to her pal, Shanna.
Megan and Kyra(wearing fairy wings) enjoy Trick or Treating at the local shopping centre while Mommy checks her phone.

Your messages of support and love have helped us all enormously  this last year, no-one could go through this alone so thank you from all our family.

Love from Sue


  1. Priscilla looks fabulous, here's hoping for wonderful health ahead.

  2. Thank you Mum and thank you Rose xx

  3. Best of everything to Priscilla and, well, all of you!

    Just have to say that malls everywhere look pretty much alike, yes?