Monday 10 December 2012

Christmas Tree

It's taken 2 days to put the tree up this year as I lost interest on Day 1 after I'd set up the actual tree. Joe helped by hanging an ornament on it !! Day 2 and I had much pleasure unwrapping the many hand-made decorations and remembering how they came to be here...

Some-one we know and love was most intrigued..."You're setting a tree up inside just for me?" He nibbled a few leaves before realising they were plastic and he even pulled an ornament off! Yesterday he just snoozed under there as if it always been here in the house...

It's shopping day today, Gordie and I are going out to Spud Shed in Baldivis as their prices are so very good and the range of fruit and vegies is huge. They've bought a mango farm in the north-west so have been selling nice mangos for 50cents each recently, potatoes are 69c/kilo as opposed to $3 in the supermarkets!

This afternoon Joe has an appointment in Fremantle and he wants to have a walk around the shops etc so that will make a change for us home-bodies.

Do enjoy your week,
Love from Sue

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